Friday, July 22, 2016


To continue this gentle week, here are a few tunes we love to listen to to soothe our spirits.

Tyler the Creator: OKAGA, CA
It's sexy, it's sweet...just what we need.

The Mamas & The Papas: Dream a Little Dream of Me
A classic we can't get enough of. We imagines ourselves singing the air from a hammock set in a lovely garden.

Lou Reed: Perfect Day
A hymn to celebrate all life's simple pleasures.

Emilie Mover: Ride with the Tide
A lovely voice that perfectly suits this candy-like song.

Magnet & Gemma Hayes: Lay Lady Lay
A sensuous and tender cover.

London Grammar: Strong
We just can't get enough of Hanna Reid's powerful voice that suits the group's melancholic tunes so well.

Etta James: A Sunday Kind of Love
Because a playlist placed under the sign of tenderness without Etta has no reason to be!

The Vaccines: (All Afternoon) in Love
When rockers play it romantic, it always works out well.

Martha and the Vandellas: My Baby Loves Me
Because Motown is all we need!


Wednesday, July 6, 2016



With this beautiful sun (at last!), we dream of exotic and tropical prints...

1- Dress Topshop
2- Top H&M
3- Jacket Mango
4- Earrings Asos
5- Bag Mango
6- Trousers Zara
7- Skirt H&M
8- Playsuit Topshop
9- Converse @ Asos


Tuesday, July 5, 2016



Chia puddings are quite the thing these days. As a breakfast or dessert, it's a fresh, healthy and delicious recipe.

For about 4:

6 tablespoons of chia seeds (easily found in natural shops)
60 cl almond milk (or any other milk)
Liquid vanilla extract
Diverse red fruits
Pumpkin seeds

Mix the chia seeds with the milk and while it sets, during 15 minutes, mix from time to time to avoid it becoming too compact. Leave to cool and absorb in the fridge, ideally for a whole night (at best a few hours).

Once the mix is ready, crush roughly the black and blue berries to obtain a preparation that resembles a sort of purée. Pour this mix at the bottom of your containers. Then add the chia mix as well as a few raspberries and/or strawberries. You can decorate the whole with a few bits of granola and some pumpkin seeds. Just let your imagination and envy speak!


Friday, July 1, 2016



We've decided to stop the "Life Under Instagram" and "Flash" categories to focus on a new series of posts entitled "The Little Pleasures", that mingle fun things captured on Instagram, nice finds, agreeable reads, good films, lovely moments...All these little things that make us feel good...


Four our first anniversary, it was great looking at my wedding photos again and taking advantage of the moment to send souvenirs to our friends and family and, thank the contractors that had made all this possible. To do so, I finally used the website Cheerz I had been eyeing for a while and I was highly satisfied! A great way of turning your pictures into Polaroid formats and, with a little imagination, a pair of scissors, stamps and Baker's Twine, customize the whole.


We're not football fans at all but there is this exciting and friendly je-ne-sais-quoi in the competitions like the Euro or the World Cup that makes us happy. We gather with friends, yell when the referee cheats (obviously, he is paid  by the opponent team!), we stop breathing, the rules are explained to us for the 150th time, sometimes we joyfully celebrate, others, we sadly drown our sorrows (no, no we are absolutely not making reference to the England/Island match). And, most of all, we discovered Antoine Griezmann...Our new sweetheart! 


I've frantically read all of Jonathan Franzen's books so, obviously, I threw myself on his last novel, Purity. The American writer always depicts human souls with great talent, strongly understanding individuals, and especially couples, and their neurosis. And this hardcover that seems to have been made by the Wiener Werkstatte's workshops...


A few days ago, or should we say, nights, we enjoyed an impromptu family dinner and gathered at Castel, a Parisian trendy night den. Not only are these family reunions always the occasion of a good laugh, but this time, we all made a grand sartorial effort. It's not something Parisians do a lot, pamper themselves to go out. There's even a certain snobbery in choosing to go to parties in the most laid back outfit possible, "you know I'm so cool and beautiful in natural, I don't need to make any effort"! In England, things are quite different, to go out is to make an effort, put a pretty outfit, high heels, work on your makeup and hair, it's a religion, a respectful manner to highlight how happy we are to enjoy a night out! So as Franco-English girls, we balance between both choices. Sometimes, we adopt a casual look, others, like this night at Castel, we are all dressed up and it was really nice and made the evening even more special!


For a long time, I was afraid of applying oils on my face. I was always scared it might be too greasy and complicated to apply and take off. During one of my shopping sprees at Aesop, one of the beauty brands I most worship, I let myself convinced, or should I say, I was hooked, because it took me such a long time to open the bottle and use it. It's a cleansing oil that I use as a makeup remover and I love it. Not oily, it leaves my skin soft and fresh, wit this delicate typical scent the brand is so successful in creating. A great buy I don't regret!

And you, what were your little pleasures?


Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Because beginning the week is never very easy, here's to cheer you up...

Twin Shadow: When We're Dancing
A little old school feel, a little melancholic atmosphere, dancing vibes...What else?

Sister Nancy: Bam Bam
Because we've talked a lot about Kanye West's latest single, Famous and its controversial video, but let's concentrate on its sample from the iconic dancehall and reggae singer and DJ.

Tyler the Creator
Sexy and cool, that's all!

Gaspard Royant: Europe
We' were very upset by the Brexit so here's a symbolic choice. A French guy that sings perfectly in English (a rare quality!), that bears a cool rockabilly attitude and that brings Motown vibes to his music: our hero!

Gaspard Royant
Mark Morrison: Return of the Mack
A family hint. A golden oldie never harms!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: Garden
A charming playful electro .

Wild Belle: Keep You
A lovely duo that mingles reggae, ska and pop sounds.


Monday, June 27, 2016


These pictures were taken a while ago when my hair was still long and when the weather had briefly allowed us to wear short and light dresses.

Vintage dress @ Topshop
Basket bought in Sicily
Sunglasses Asos
Shoes Tod's

Nothing special: simply, my dog, some pee and I striking the pose before the cabinetmaker's workshop in my street. A lovely blue photogenic facade. I believe that day, more than my simple outfit, I mostly wanted to take advantage of this pretty background for the photographs.

I'm those kind of girls who love to take all their very summery stuff out as soon as the sun has come out: light dresses, baskets...It must be because of the Jane Birkin in me. Well, considering the sunglasses, maybe the child Jane Birkin and John Lennon would have had if a romantic encounter had taken place!

(I do hope I'll get to take those light dresses and baskets out from my cupboard again!)

Friday, June 24, 2016



So, apparently, it's not going to last, but today it's hot and sunny so we want to freshen it all up. Yet since heavy quantities of rosé is not that great for your health, here's a healthier alternative.

Ingredients for 2:
3 beetroots
2 tomatoes
1/2 yellow or red pepper
1 ou 2 spring onions (depending on their size)
1 handful of fresh coriander 
1 celeri stalk
Xérès vinegar
Olive oil

Simple: Peel your ingredients (if needed) and chop them roughly. Put the whole except for the vinegar, oil and basilic in a mixer. I used an extractor so quantities may vary as an extractor creates a more concentrated mix and, you'll also probably need to add a little water if you use a mixer. You'll see, trust yourself!
Once your soup is ready, let it cool down in the fridge (1h minimum) and when you are ready to serve, mix in a tablespoon of vinegar. Decorate with a few drops of olive oil and a few leaves of basilic (you can also add little bits of feta).

You're done!